Friday, March 21, 2008

Beauty and the Beast-Stop the Racism!

Brotherdoc realizes now what sort of “King” media sees LeBron James as: King Kong! The imagery here is not even subtle. James appears here as forceful energy—he is not depicted as contemplative, intelligent, or measured. He is Kong. He is clutching (“protecting”) the supermodel Gisele. She is his "Ann Darrow”/Fay Wray.

I wonder if Gisele's boyfriend Tom Brady would have posed this way?


T.I.C. said...

Listening to talk sports radio 1200am in Detroit,they posed the question to women listeners if they thought Lebron was a handsome man. Most of the women callers said he was not a very handsome man, he looked alright but not particularly handsome. Maybe that's why they choose him.

Lee Coles said...

I'm glad someone else noticed.

Adama Zuman said...

I think it's a bad cover but not necessarily a racist one.
If I am the VOGUE editor, I have to go with this type of cover for a couple of reasons.

Gisele Bundchen is with Tom Brady so they can't appear to be romantic...

Most of Vogue's readers do not know who Lebron James is so there must be some indication he's a B-Ball Player

This is the best way to generate controversy and thus sales without a backlash because it will not offend the typical reader.

Wilson said...

Six months ago, when I looked at the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, I was as thrilled as preacher at a Sunday buffet. Obama. Clinton. Edwards. Sure there were differences, but all three were strong candidates, and shoo-ins to win the presidency. I could no more imagine not voting in November than I could imagine taking a weekend trip to Pluto. Now look at the mess we Democrats are in.

So, I'm starting my own campaign. Stick to the Issues or Get Out! My campaign is not aimed at any particular candidate. Rather, it is my way of saying that personal attacks and strategies designed to focus on irrelevancies will guarantee only one thing: that a candidate who becomes the Democratic nominee this way won't get my vote. I'll be busy come election day.

Issues that I want to hear about:
1) The economy and what the plan is for giving the poor a hand-up and revitalizing the middle class.

2) Education. What's the plan for addressing our unacceptable high school drop-out rate. What ideas does the candidate have to make higher education more affordable.

3) Iraq. What's the plan for the future there? A precipitous withdrawal would likely be disasterous, but it makes little sense to continue to throw billions of dollars at a warthat should have never been started.

4) Health care. I'd like someone to really push a reasonable plan that immediately provides preventative health care to everyone. I'd like to hear some innovative thinking about how to address the larger issue of providing diagnostic and treatment to everyone if not free, at an affordable rate.

5) Taxes. Our system is horribly out of whack. Why should some lower middle class, single mother pay more taxes than a multinational corporation?

That's just my short list. I know that from time-to-time the candidates do talk on these issues, but I'm sick of hearing about Rev. Wright. I'm sick of hearing about shooting in duck blinds.

If you agree with this, pass this message along to other bloggers and friends. Let's get our own campaign underway.

Iam Robert said...

I agree, however, it pays! It's jsut another classic example of institutional racism.

Bonn Group said...

Check out the “Black Online News Network” (BONN) . BONN is the largest network of online news portals to date targeted to African Americans. Its current digital network consists of 100 unique and interconnected web sites covering a wide range of today’s hottest topics on the radars of African Americans worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Not racist? Having a Black man compared to a a gorilla in a very graphic manner, distorting the streotypeical view that black men want white women and not racist?